Our consulting services cover the diverse range of needs of our clients. Some of the more common services we provide would include but are certainly not limited to:

  • organizational restructuring
  • policies and procedures (operations)
  • business plan research and writing
  • cash flow analysis
  • capital asset management (excess)
  • human resource management
  • implementing new technology
  • accounting and finance insight
  • working with other specialists as necessary
  • increasing operations productivity
  • budgeting
  • training

Typically we work with businesses who:

  • want to increase productivity
  • want to increase profitability in operations
  • require restructuring of their business
  • require ownership restructuring
  • want independent, expert advice regarding several important decisions that need to be made
  • can't afford a consulting firm with a multitude of experts billing at once
  • want advice in considering implementing new technology
  • need help researching and writing a business plan
  • need help managing business resources including capital assets (excess), human resources and finances
  • need help managing cash flow

and business owners who:

  • want more free time to do what's most important to them
  • need help managing their families' business interests, inheritance and rental properties
  • are downsizing living arrangements
  • are relocating or traveling abroad
  • need help with personal and business rental properties
  • are faced with the perils of naming beneficiaries

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