1. Follow what has led you to success not what people are speculating.
    2. Don't risk the integrity of a strategic partnership or client relationship for the sake of making an extra buck.
    3. Work with your left hand and save with your right.
    4. No one plans to fail they just fail to plan.
    5. Put it in writing. Whether it is a marketing plan, a marketing idea, or a contract.
    6. Keep on track. Stick to your plan as closely as possible.
    7. Do what you do best, don't spend your time doing tasks you don't specialize in and especially tasks in which you don't make money.
    8. Outsource what you can't do yourself and what you can't afford to hire in-house.
    9. Refocus from time to time. Re-evaluate your plans and your present situation. Has anything changed that might affect your plan?
    10. Rejuvenate on a regular basis. Taking time away from the office on a regular basis will help rejuvenate you and make you more productive.

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